The story of the Devil's Tango

The Story

Among the streets and bars of Buenos Aires unfolds a timeless tale of greed, murder and revenge — a quintessential story of human avarice where fantasy and reality intersect to touch the depths of our souls in ways that are disturbingly familiar.

Fame, murder, and adultery intersect with fantasy when the beautiful and ambitious heiress Evora seduces her young lover, Gennaro, into a plot to murder her famous husband, Dante, whom she sees as an obstacle to her aspirations.

Gennaro, a naive interloper caught in the middle of this triangle, succumbs to Evora’s designs and soon finds himself gripped in her trappings of lust and passion. Evora, who could have had anything she wanted, sinks into a pit of despair, driven by ambitions that pull her into a downward spiral that knows no bottom.

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The Devil’s Tango, a film created by award-winning choreographers, writers and producers, features the talents of some of the world’s greatest contemporary masters of Argentine tango.

The producers of The Devil’s Tango have brought together the top professionals available from the business, entertainment and tango worlds to create this spectacular show.

Join us on the forthcoming pages as we introduce ourselves — with the hope that we may someday soon meet in person.

Cast and Crew

An Opportunity

Limited opportunities are available to participate in the production of The Devil’s Tango. We invite you to join us in bringing this classic story to the silver screen.

Please contact us for more information and an investor’s packet.